rememberingAdd memory to dmenu, fzf and similar tools.
mediatorAn embedded, immutable, syncable relational database inspired by SQLite, PouchDB, Git, Datomic and Mentat.
piresAplicação interna do CEFCC.
websiteBlog and personal website (
byopdsBook "Build Your Own Persistent Data Structures".
cargo2nixBuild Rust packages inside Nix builds using Cargo directly. 4 months
swift2nixBuild Swift packages inside Nix builds. 4 months
standardifyCI utility and service to run builds on a variety of POSIX systems
libpdsCollection of purely functional, persistent data structures
fallibleFault injection library for stress-testing failure scenarios
cl-funFunctional Common Lisp
guile-quickcheckGNU Guile library for writing property-based tests, inspired by QuickCheck.
r2hGenerate C headers from Rust code
bonecoGenerate printable booklets from PDF files.
git-permalinkGit extension to generate web permalinks of files in a repository
autoqemuInstallation and setup automation tool for QEMU virtual machines
curthLisp experiments
ml-archivesMBOX archives of public mailing lists. 4 months
makecheckMakeCheck is a static analysis tool for Makefiles, à la ShellCheck
songbooksManage, transpose, bundle songbooks and distribute LilyPond and LaTeX sources.
3rd-party-archivesManual archive of third-party dependencies. 4 months
yoctoparsecParser combinator library for Rust with zero dependencies
guile-pdsPersistent data structure library for GNU Guile.4 months
cementPersistent data structures for Swift.
dotfilesPersonal OS configuration files.
guixPersonal fork of GNU Guix. 4 months
package-repositoryPersonal package repository for a variety of operating systems
gluiloPolyglot C bindings generator.
libednPolyglot edn parser and emitter.
konformigadoPolyglot, declarative command line argument parser.
musicRepository of LilyPond transcriptions and arrangements. 4 months
cargo2nix-demoSample demo project for cargo2nix. 4 months
swift2nix-demoSample demo project for swift2nix. 4 months
serversSetup and configuration for VPS.
casa-do-caminhoSite da Casa do Caminho (
brinquedotecaSite do Projeto Florescer (
pdfs-da-d-mariaSplit the pages of a PDF from a book that had two pages scanned per PDF page.
gistaticStatic Git repository generator
yoctoauthThe smallest POSIX C99 library for identity, user authentication and authorization that could possibliy work
apollo-server-demoTutorial on creating a GraphQL mock server with apollo-server.
lisp-cliUniform interface for CLI options of Common Lisp implementations
eqjq for edn.