3rd-party-archivesManual archive of third-party dependencies. 5 months
apollo-server-demoTutorial on creating a GraphQL mock server with apollo-server.
autoqemuInstallation and setup automation tool for QEMU virtual machines
bonecoGenerate printable booklets from PDF files.
brinquedotecaSite do Projeto Florescer (
byopdsBook "Build Your Own Persistent Data Structures".
cargo2nixBuild Rust packages inside Nix builds using Cargo directly. 6 months
cargo2nix-demoSample demo project for cargo2nix. 6 months
casa-do-caminhoSite da Casa do Caminho (
cementPersistent data structures for Swift.
cl-funFunctional Common Lisp
clj-schema-to-json-schemaGenerate JSON Schema definitions from plumatic schema declarations
curthLisp experiments
dotfilesPersonal OS configuration files.
eqjq for edn.
fallibleFault injection library for stress-testing failure scenarios
gistaticStatic Git repository generator
git-permalinkGit extension to generate web permalinks of files in a repository
gluiloPolyglot C bindings generator.
guile-pdsPersistent data structure library for GNU Guile.6 months
guile-quickcheckGNU Guile library for writing property-based tests, inspired by QuickCheck.
guixPersonal fork of GNU Guix. 5 months
js-bigdecUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
konformigadoPolyglot, declarative command line argument parser.
libednPolyglot edn parser and emitter.
libpdsCollection of purely functional, persistent data structures
lisp-cliUniform interface for CLI options of Common Lisp implementations
makecheckMakeCheck is a static analysis tool for Makefiles, à la ShellCheck
mediatorAn embedded, immutable, syncable relational database inspired by SQLite, PouchDB, Git, Datomic and Mentat.
ml-archivesMBOX archives of public mailing lists. 6 months
musicRepository of LilyPond transcriptions and arrangements. 6 months
package-repositoryPersonal package repository for a variety of operating systems
pdfs-da-d-mariaSplit the pages of a PDF from a book that had two pages scanned per PDF page.
piresAplicação interna do CEFCC.
r2hGenerate C headers from Rust code
rememberingAdd memory to dmenu, fzf and similar tools.
serversSetup and configuration for VPS.
songbooksManage, transpose, bundle songbooks and distribute LilyPond and LaTeX sources.
standardifyCI utility and service to run builds on a variety of POSIX systems
stdixUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
swift2nixBuild Swift packages inside Nix builds. 6 months
swift2nix-demoSample demo project for swift2nix. 6 months
websiteBlog and personal website (
yoctoauthThe smallest POSIX C99 library for identity, user authentication and authorization that could possibliy work
yoctoparsecParser combinator library for Rust with zero dependencies
z2hUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
zeptoparsecParser combinator library for Rust with zero dependencies