bonecoGenerate printable booklets from PDF files. 6 weeks
brinquedotecaSite do Projeto Florescer ( 3 weeks
byopdsBook "Build Your Own Persistent Data Structures". 5 weeks
cargo2nixBuild Rust packages inside Nix builds using Cargo directly. 6 weeks
cargo2nix-demoSample demo project for cargo2nix. 6 weeks
casa-do-caminhoSite da Casa do Caminho ( 3 weeks
cementPersistent data structures for Swift. 5 weeks
dotfilesPersonal OS configuration files. 3 weeks
eqjq for edn. 5 weeks
euandreh-guix-channelCustom Guix channel for packages not compatible with mainline Guix, or not packaged there yet. 5 weeks
git-annex-testUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 weeks
guile-clapCommand Line Argument Parsing (CLAP) for GNU Guile.4 weeks
guile-pdsPersistent data structure library for GNU Guile.5 weeks
guile-quickcheckGNU Guile library for writing property-based tests, inspired by QuickCheck. 5 weeks
guixPersonal fork of GNU Guix. 6 weeks
libednedn parser and printer with bindings for multiple programming languages. 4 weeks
mediatorAn embedded, immutable, syncable relational database inspired by SQLite, PouchDB, Git, Datomic and Mentat. 5 weeks
musicRepository of LilyPond transcriptions and arrangements. 6 weeks
parseccParser combinator library for C. 4 weeks
parsecljParser combinator library for Clojure. 6 weeks
pdfs-da-d-mariaSplit the pages of a PDF from a book that had two pages scanned per PDF page. 6 weeks
piresAplicação interna do CEFCC. 3 weeks
songbooksManage, transpose, bundle songbooks and distribute LilyPond and LaTeX sources. 5 weeks
spalcCommand line argument parsing library with bindings for multiple languages. 3 weeks
swift2nixBuild Swift packages inside Nix builds. 6 weeks
swift2nix-demoSample demo project for swift2nix. 6 weeks
vpsSetup and configuration for VPS. 6 weeks
websiteBlog and personal website ( 27 hours
x-bindgenGenerate FFI bindings from Rust code for many languages. 5 weeks